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Hey Soon To Be Unbound Graduate!

I get have a lot going on right now

I remember feeling swamped by homework, group projects, volunteering, and still trying to have a social life...and I didn't have the Corona Virus to worry about!

The last thing I was thinking about was how to find a job....

But I still knew that I should be looking for a job....who doesn’t want a job after graduation?!? 

But, even as great as Unbound is, there wasn't anyone who told me how to talk about my experience or how to even find a job

I felt discouraged because while everyone told me how to write a resume, set up a LinkedIn account, and how to write an “elevator pitch”, I still felt like something was missing....

Then it happened...

I graduated.....without a job....

I couldn’t believe it...I had a masters degree, I’d worked so hard and what did I have to show for it? Living with my parents and no job? 

 I’m not going to lie, it was a hard place to be but over 8 months I learned what I was missing....

A job search STRATEGY! 

What I was missing wasn't all the pieces of what I needed for a job, it was how to know which pieces to use and when! 

That's what I want to show you in this challenge! 

I want to show in 5 days what it took me 8 months to learn on my own...

I want to move you FROM job search overwhelm, from not knowing where or how to get started. And I want to move you TO being clear on where you're going and what the next best steps are for you! 

By the end of this challenge, it is my goal for you to know where you want to go and HOW to get there! 

So if you're ready for clarity and getting connected to work that is meaningful to you and makes an impact you care about, without waiting 10 years to get started...


- Jonathan Dagerath
In This Challenge You Will Learn... 
Day 1.  Incredible Intentionality
In a world where it's never been easier to find and apply for jobs, the fast track to starting your BEST first job is to be highly intentional with where and how you apply for jobs. In the first day, we'll cover why it's important that you're intentional in your job search and what it means to be intentional.
Day 2. 4 Key Road Blocks 
You'll learn 4 of the biggest road blocks that people encounter when they are searching for the BEST first job after graduation
Day 3. Tools for Success
Discover the tools available to increase your ability to connect with the right people and be in the right places. You'll also learn about the KEY principle used by everyone who is doing work that is meaningful to them.
Day 4. Strategic Solution
I will share my framework that took me 8 MONTHS to learn on my own and how that landed me my BEST first job after graduation and how I can coach you through that process in just 8 WEEKS!
5 days is not nearly long enough to get into everything that you want to learn, so I'm setting this day aside as a special topic day. You'll still have lots of questions and I'm going to take this day to address the biggest questions you have! 


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